Russell eMini Breaks the + 200 Point Profits Level for the 1st Time This Year!!

The Russell eMini, not only has broken out again to all time profit levels, but it has put together a 10 trade winning streak, back to back to back double digit weekly net gains, and already this week, has posted +30 points without a loss!  Not only that, but our runners, the big homerun trailing moves are finally paying off for us.  While it is easy to get swept away by the excitement of the release of our brand new SST Simple, and for good reason, we mustn’t forget what got us there in the first place.  The SST!

The SST continues to prove itself, over and over and over..  Today we broke a big milestone from a total gained points persepective.  On one of our main proxy markets, the Russell eMini, we have over 1800 trades now, and we are still holding strong above our 67% overall winning percentage for this market and tradeplan, enduring since April of 2010.  And if you know anything at all about trading the Russell eMini, that should cause you to do a double take.  It is a challenging market to trade.  In 2009, we managed a 400% net of expenses return on the Russell emini with a system that got us a handsome 62% winning percentage.  So maintaining a 67% win rate with a Russell emini daytrade plan  that minimizes our trading and only requires about 90 minutes per session (worst case scenario an hour longer) is an achievement.

Moreover, with the SST it’s really quite easy.  Clear entries, stops and targets.  A crystal clear tradeplan.  A live traderoom with an experienced host (yours truly, Coach Ron and Coach Will) who are willing and able to answer every question in real time and of course, a serious track record that continues to hold its own.  And now our tool box just got more formidable with the discoveries we’ve made that led to our new ‘SST Simple’ approach.  Now we have a complimentary entry level SST ‘way to trade.’

Today was a challenging session and presented itself with some significant learning points.  We covered each one in detail.  Some of the learning points included key level adjustments that turned a losing trade into a +4.5 winner, for the first trade of the day.  That very trade also required ‘knowing the tradeplan’ and being able to respond like one swerving around a pot hole on a bike.  No time to think.  Only to do.  And that’s what we did.  Taking the time to think about swerving only leads to crashing into the pothole, right?  Members of the SST Owner’s Club will be able to log into our private Owner’s Site and view the video where we discuss exactly what happened, how we handled it, and how we traded ourselves to +14 points in just a couple of trades and a running result for the week currently sitting at + 30 points, as I mentioned above.  And at $100 per point, that is an excellent way to spend 90 minutes in the early a.m.

The Russell eMini is not the only star though.  Currency traders also had a field day.  Once the Greek debacle settled down, the daytrade currencies we follow each and every session put on stellar performances.  Crude Oil and Wheat futures also delivered significant gains.  All in all, being an SST Trader continues to line our pockets and grow our accounts.  We’ll be up and at ’em again tomorrow for a brand new SST, Russell eMini, Crude Oil, and Forex daytrade adventure. 

Isn’t it time you finally join us?  You can be on board for the next 100 Russell eMini points.

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