Russell + Crude Oil = New Equity Highs!

What a great debut for new SST owners trading the Russell and Crude Oil.  The Russell eMini, one of our signature markets, was perfect, winning all 4 sessions during this holiday shortened week.

Tuesday the 12th, the day of the SST release, actually paid for the entire cost of the SST in one session, although a little too soon for our new members.  We followed up with +3.9, + .6 and today, + 4.3, to finish the week with + 21.7 points and a record profit level of + 335.4 points since trading it live, April 5th.

Russell Trades

Crude Oil Futures, another one of our signature futures markets, also put on a tour de force this week.  It too broke to new record profit levels, since the release of the SST in August.  It is boasting 8 perfect winning weeks and 36 out of 38 winning sessions!  This week it gained a whopping 1.61 for $1161.  Since going live in August, Crude Oil futures has been unstoppable with the SST, picking up $19.91; $19,910 in gross profits (not counting trade costs).  You could back out about $3400 in trade costs.  It has won 72.35% of all 170 trades since the first SST debut.

Crude Trades

Forex and Stock traders also very happy this week.  I’ll try to get some forex and stock charts up over the weekend.

Make sure you get your copy of the SST while supplies still last.  A few more days and SST will be sold out again.

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