Russell eMini + 4.1; GetBob Gets it Done in Six Minutes of Trading

Today was a very slow, grinding session as price action chopped around in a tight range on most of our markets.  There were a few highlights though.  Mainly, the Russell and Crude Oil.

Crude Oil put in a nice performance, winning two out of three and even giving us a little extra on the final trade when we were able to add to our positions for an additional partial profit.  We ended today’s special “Inventory Report Session” with +.44, $440, and a 6th winning session in a row.

The subtle change we made to our Russell eMini Tradeplan paid dividends to us right away.  Our first two trades ended up being GetBob Setups, both of which hit their full targets and had us quitting for the session, a quick 6 minutes after we started for a respectable +4.1, $410.  We are just 2.7 points shy of brand new record profit levels.

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