Russell and Crude Futures Keep Winning; 2012 is Charging Ahead as we Post New Record Profit Levels

What an amazing beginning for Crude Oil and Russell eMini traders.  The SST Pro has made our trading even easier and has been posting profits on nearly every session so far this year.  Today, we had a big winner on Crude, gaining .53.  Due to the migration having begun, over to the March contract and the split volume between both contracts, we decided to call it a one and done day for CL.  Yesterday, Crude struggled early on but SST Traders following the tradeplan were able to eek out a 1 tick winner, keeping the session winning streak alive.  Crude Oil has not had a losing session in 2012, and is breaking profit levels.  We have already gained +5.22 for the year, per our two position SST tradeplan as described in the Owner’s Club.  That’s $5,220 already for January, 2012.

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The Russell eMini, not to be outdone, is also charging ahead.  We ended last week with a modest +8.4 points, $840.  We are already up +10.9 this week and have hit all new profit levels for the SST lifetime tradeplan result, dating back to 4/2010.  For the year, we are up +32.2, $3220.  As stated in the prior post, we had only one tiny losing session this year and the stat that is really jumping out at me right now is the winning percentage, which is a full 15% higher than the last 1.75 years.  The lifetime winning percentage has been a solid 67.3%, as I have stated numerous times but so far this year, we are winning at 78.57%!  In fact, the big +1000 lifetime points award is within striking distance for the SST and our Russell eMini trade results per the owner’s club tradeplan, which we use every day in our live traderoom.

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