ReCap of the Russell eMini; Record Breaking Profits in 2010

Here’s a quick recap of one of our other flagship futures markets, the Russell eMini.  Crude Oil Futures are a hard act to follow, but this exciting and dynamic market did give CL a run for its money.  For sheer consistency and an ever steepening equity curve, the Russell eMini WAS the market to be trading every day.  Despite a few tough sessions from time to time, this market has really given us a solid, consistent edge and we’ve been able to take full advantage of it with a battle tested tradeplan that continues to deliver the goods.

Take the last couple weeks of trading.  Who would’a thunk it?  Who would have thought that the week of Christmas AND the week of New Years would have given us the most profitable back to back weeks in all of 2010?  Thats not to say we made all our money the final two weeks.  No!  But it sure was a generous Christmas bonus and sweet way to end the year.  So how did the Russell do? 

The below numbers really tell the story

  1. Week of Xmas: 12 trades; 9 winners; 3 losses; + 15.3 points; $1,530
  2. Week of New Years (last trade day for us with the Russell eMini was Dec 30th): 7 trades; 5 winners; 2 losses; + 19.6 points; $1,960

For the year, April 5th thru Dec 30th

  1. am session trades only; 816 trades; 66.85% winning percentage; Profit factor 1.49; Netpicks’ custom profit factor, 3.00
  2. 400 points
  3. For the first 6 weeks, I traded the pm session as well.  Adding the pm session really helps the overall result in a big way.  Including those trades pushed the winning percentage up to 67.37%.  There were 921 total trades, 1227 winners and 601 losses.  We gained + 463 points.  While I didn’t officially continue to track the pm session after May, informally I can tell you that it continued with its winning ways on a very consistent basis. 
  4. As stated, it won 67.37% of its trades
  5. It won 76.24% of its daily results
  6. It won 86.84% of its total weekly results
  7. It won 8 out of 9 monthly results as well, 88.9%

We’re excited to beginning trading the Russell emini again in 2011, beginning this Tuesday, January 3rd.

Play Russell eMini Recap Video

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