Profitable Trades Despite Political Uncertainty

Today was an awesome session across many different markets with profitable trades everywhere.  Today, in our live traderoom, we were hitting on all cylinders.  Much of what I have been talking about though lately, really came home to roost today.  If you have been following along over the last couple weeks, you should know by now that we will be holding Advanced Live Virtual Training Sessions this coming week, August 4th and 5th.  It’s not that nuances are hard, it’s just that you need to know what they are, what to look for, how to apply them and when — that sort of thing.

Today’s profitable trading produced wonderful results both for SST and SST Simple Traders.  The winning trades were there to be had for the well trained trader but might have not been quite as fruitful for the less experienced or less practiced. 

Take the Russell eMini, for example.  It was an unusual session.  It’s not that the setups were difficult but you just had to know what to do.  We traded the Russell to perfection today in the live trade room, locking down two trades for +9 points and new equity highs, despite a rough start to the week.  Just to catch you up, if you missed it, we just completed two amazing weeks of trading with the Russell eMini gaining +40 points; 19.8 points two weeks ago and last week, finishing with +22 points!  This week started out rough but after a tough early part of the session yesterday, we have since enjoyed an 8 trade winning streak and as of the end of our session today, we find ourselves up again for the week and an all new record profit level, breaking the +250 point level for 2011. 

Traders who have taken to heart one of the main ingredients ‘required’ for success as a trader, developing a strong foundation, benefitted greatly today.  A broader vision and understanding of how the tradeplan works and performs over time was absolutely paramount in racking up today’s wins and new record profit levels.

Check out this short video to see why this was an unusual session and how we handled the trades that ultimately added +9 full points to our bottom line at $100 per Russell eMini point.

The Russell eMini wasn’t the only star though.  In this next video, I’ll share with you how we handle Crude Oil Futures on the days when the crude oil inventory report is released.  We have a special tradeplan for this particular session, which incidentally, happens once a week.  Today in CL, it was also unusual how the trades unfolded.  In the end, we were able to take just two trades for a nice +.36 gain, which gave us $360.  It was a modest result but our style of trading is designed to take what the market wants to give us while we steadily and dependably move our accounts forward with ever increasing profits. 

Also, I’ll share with you how we handled the EURUSD and EURJPY in the live traderoom today for triple digit positive pips.  We’ll see how the SST Simple also fared.  Did you gain over 100 pips today trading the EURUSD?  We not only were able to accomplish that with the SST but also with the SST Simple.  But, you had to know how to recognize the opportunity and then act upon it.  This video will show you how.  Finally, I’ll share with you how the SST Simple pulled out +62 points from the Dow eMini.

Play 2nd Video

There are still seats available for our intensive Live Training.  If you’ve been thinking about getting involved with the SST or the SST Simple, there has never been a better offer on the table like the one that NetPicks is offering now.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by.  The SST is for real. It’s younger brother, the SST Simple is proving it can hold its own, too.  They are awesome power tools for gaining and edge and profiting consistently in the markets.  But in the end, they are only as good as YOU are.  In the end, YOU must make the ultimate investment — the investment in yourself. 

Get trained the proper way by the very trade team that brought you the SST!  Sign up today and enjoy the rich list of free bonuses.  Don’t know what they are?  Watch the video in the early post below for all the details.  Get trained so that you are ready and able to deploy the full power of the SST and SST Simple and enjoy the same profitable trades that we do.

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