News Events Effect Markets; SST Puts us on the Right Side of the Major Moves — And You Know MORE are Coming!!



THE GOOD NEWS IS that we can look forward to a lot of big news stories as we move closer and closer to the upcoming election year in the United States.  THE EVEN BETTER NEWS IS that we can be sure the SST will have us on the right side of the market to profit in a big way, from these major swings in the market.  That is why it is so important to master the system and take ownership of the effective tradeplans that are ringing the cash register when these big moves occur.

Take a look at the major event that just took place this past month, the US Debt Ceiling ‘Crisis.’  One can argue whether it was a real crisis or one that was manufactured by the media but in the end, it matters not at all.  What is important is how it was perceived and how the market reacted.  More importantly was our ability to profit from it and to be on the RIGHT side of the trade at the RIGHT time, and the ever intimidating RIGHT side of the chart.

SST FX Traders certainly were.  Check out this brief video that shows how we were able to pick up nearly +400 pips in the few days  that led up to the big Debt Ceiling Showdown.

Make sure that you are on the right side of the big winning moves.  The SST FX is easy to master and easy to trade.  From now until the end of the year (and beyond, of course) we can look forward to a lot more wild and huge price swings and here at NetPicks, we want to make sure ALL our SST Members are prospering and IN on the big trades that are coming.

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