New Tradeplans Released for SST Pro

Now that the SST Pro has been out a couple months, Pro Members are beginning to share their unique tradeplans that they have been working on.  The posibilities are truly limitless and the markets and timeframes that draw my attention are just a tiny fraction of the vast potential that exists.  For example, we have already published tradeplans that I would have never even thought of.  Our Membership is made up of all kinds of traders, some of whom are very talented and experienced. 

The most recent includes a daytrade plan for SPY, using Renko bars.  Who would have thunk it?  Well, one of our members did and he has just shared it with the SST Owner’s Club.  It is a great way to trade the S & P, offering frequent trades, great stats, and excellent risk:reward potential.  You can trade the weekly options using the trade setups right off of the SPY Renko chart for superb leverage and controlled risk.

Other excellent daytrade plans that have been submitted by members and published on the OC website include Wheat Futures with Kase Bars (very interesting and unique), Gold futures with Renko, and in the next few days we’ll be releasing a Euro Currency Futures plan and a Copper Futures daytrade plan.  After that, we’ll be focusing on some forex swing tradeplans. 

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the most powerful trade system available on the market, the SST Pro.  Get on the waiting list so that you don’t miss the next opportunity to get on board.

You can also check out our live traderoom where we trade the SST Pro each and every day.  Take advantage of a free two week visit and give the SST Pro a serious look.  You got nothing to lose and quite possibly, you will find the trade system you have been searching for.

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