New Tradeplans Added to the SST & SST FX Owner’s Clubs

Today I’m happy to announce new tradeplans for the USDJPY End of Day Chart.  There are a few variations, each with the details described.  SST Simple Owners will find the details on their download page within a few days, as well.

As you may or may not know, SST and SST FX Owner’s Club Members have access to all the published tradeplans.  We continually come out with new ones and are always trying to provide something for everyone.  Whether it be daytrade plans, swingtrade and even long term position tradeplans, we are always researching the best tradeable markets for the most effective and profitable way to trade them with the SST. 

Already we have a great mix of futures, forex and stocks (etfs & options).  Moreover, members of the SST Owner’s Club have access to the LIVE Traderoom where some of our daytrade plans and swingtrade plans are used each and every day. 

Don’t forget that if you were considering the SST FX, you should make a move on it NOW.  The bonus package is worth the price of addmission all by itself.  Get it now while the offer is still available and you too will be able to utilize our profitable tradeplans.

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