New Tradeplan Posted on SST Owner’s Club; EURUSD 30 Minute Chart

The EURUSD 30 Minute chart is not swingtrade for everyone, but for those who are close to their charts and like to be actively involved with the market, it has been an amazing performer.  We just posted a tradeplan that was thoroughly tested over the last 560 trades and the results were stunning.  It has been a very steady performer posting thousands of pips of profit.

The tradeplan itself uses a well coordinated mix of the SST dynamic stop and trade mgt tools to combine for a very effective and profitable approach.  We scale in and out of positions at strategic levels and aggressively seek out that ever coveted ‘risk free’ position a la SST. 

There is a broad collection of effective tradeplans published on the SST Owner’s Club website ranging across multiple markets and timeframes.  This new short term EURUSD swingtrade plan will help round out the roster.

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One Response to New Tradeplan Posted on SST Owner’s Club; EURUSD 30 Minute Chart

  1. Rodney Daniels says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can hardly wait for my UST and SST programs to arrive in the mail. I’ve been trying to figure out how to trade around rotating shift work at a nuclear power plant .. sometimes day shift … sometimes night shift .. 12 hours a pop. It’s been difficult .. but I’m pretty sure I’ve found the right people now.

    You guys obviously have it going on. And the flash sale on the SST was too much to resist. Good job hooking me boys. And don’t worry about reeling me in … I plan to jump into the net and go with the flow.

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