New Tradeplan Posted on SST Owner’s Club; End of Day Swingtrade Plan for CAT (Catepillar, Inc)

There are so many great stocks and ETFs to trade with the SST Pro.  End of Day charts make it very easy to follow an extensive list, keeping you as busy as you want to be.  CAT has been a very steady performer over the last 5 years and is worth taking a close look at.  It is very well balanced both from the long and short side, earning $488.39 per share in profits.  Options trading gives excellent percentage gains.

CAT 5 Yr Equity Curve (trading just the straight stock, you can see how a 3 position approach would have grown over the last 5 years.  This curve shows just ONE share per position.  Imagine trading options!  The growth would be HUGE!)

Our list of high performing end of day tradeplans continues to grow.  Moreover, our favorite daytrade plans are ALL hitting record profit levels both for the year and for the lifetime of the tradeplan.  There’s never been a better time to become an SST Pro Member.

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