New Tradeplan Added to the SST Owner’s Club Today; GBPUSD End of Day Swingtrade Plan

The SST Pro is such a powerful tool that there are endless opportunities to trade.  Due to popular demand, and because they are just so darn profitable, I began focusing on Forex End of Day Tradeplans.  These tradeplans are excellent for all three of the platforms we support, MT4, Ninja Trader and Tradestation.  They are also very easy to trade, requiring just a few minutes a day to review the charts.  You’ll get a solid 1 to 3 trades per month on average and with a good collection to call upon, you’ll be as active as you want.

This new plan of the GBPUSD End of Day Chart is an excellent example.  Over the past 5 years it has strung together an impressive report, winning over $85,000 with a simple, 3 position approach.  During that time it strung together several excellent winning streaks of 12, 15 and 25 consecutive winning trades while keeping the losses very small.  The details of this plan and all the others are accessible in the SST Private Owner’s Club which comes with (as the name implies) ownership of the SST Pro.

We’ll be looking at this plan and many others this Thursday, at the Final SST Pro Release Party.  Make sure you sign up for it.

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2 Responses to New Tradeplan Added to the SST Owner’s Club Today; GBPUSD End of Day Swingtrade Plan

  1. Gerald Hoffman says:

    It is somewhat misleading (maybe not intentional) to give a winning figure of over $85,000 in the ad above. As you know it is how many pips that is important in trading Forex. If you need to give a dollar figure at least indicate how many Lots or Minis you used to get that figure. Cheers.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Gerald, thank you for your comment. I apologize for not being clear. The tradeplan is based on just 3 separate single full size lot positions. Needless to say, 3 mini lots would be a ‘zero’ less, $1 per pip, for example. On the other hand, using a simple fixed fractional money mgt strategy, for example, placing each 3 position trade with a 2% risk allotment, would result in a much larger return. Or a 3% risk, etc. As the account grew, so would the positon size and the profits. Thanks for pointing that out.

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