Nine New SST Simple (SSTS) Tradeplans Added to the Download Site

SST Simple Owners should check in with their download site for the latest tradeplans.  You will find a link to a pdf file loaded with valuable information including:

  1. Important information regarding swingtrading stocks and options with the SST Simple
  2. Ideas regarding ‘Power Trading’
  3. 2 simple options trade approaches you can use
  4. Tradeplans for ADSK, AAPL, AMZN, SU
  5. Backtest results for the last 5 years

The SST Simple is the low cost gateway into full fledged SST trading.  But as a stand alone trade method, it definitely stands on its own two feet.  Swingtrading stocks and options is a great way to engage in easy, slow paced trading.  The above tradeplans are all based on end of day charts and only require a few minutes a day to review, place, change or manage trade positions.  Even full SST traders will find that these simple to follow tradeplans will add another element of diversification and will enjoy their solid winning performances. 





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4 Responses to Nine New SST Simple (SSTS) Tradeplans Added to the Download Site

  1. Neen says:

    All these lovely gains sound great but you are trading whilst I am sleeping so I cannot see how the SST model will work for me.


    • CoachTJ says:

      Neen, the markets trade when they trade and the tradeplans we use work when they work. We do have a great collection of End of Day swingtrade plans and that might be a good option for you.

  2. Trevor West says:

    Hi TJ,
    This is great news, I was holding out for some stock/options tradeplans, so thanks for your efforts.
    However, there is no link on the SST Simple owner’s page at
    to the new plans – where can we find them?

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