New SST Pro Plan Posted to SST Owner’s Club for Crude Oil Futures; 82% Winning Percentage in 2012!!

I just posted a very exciting new tradeplan for Crude Oil Futures on the SST Private Member’s Club Site.  We’ve already got a great Crude Oil Tradeplan that we’ve been trading for a long time in the live traderoom.  In fact, it works so well, we just hit all new profit levels again with it just this past Friday.  We actually have other CL plans that are also very effective with the SST Xpress.

This new tradeplan, designed specificially for SST Pro users, just might take the cake though.  It has been performing unbelievably well, winning an astounding 186 trades out of 216!!  Wait!!  Read that again. 

It has only had 24 losing trades all year, and 6 breakevens.  Both longs and shorts are winning over 80%.  In fact, the overall winning percentage this year is 86.11%!  It’s gained $14.73 in just 2 1/3 months.  That’s $14,730 with a 3 position approach. 

I wouldn’t even bother with posting a new CL plan since our ongoing plan has been consistent for us for well over a year and a half.  But this one is too good to ignore.  In fact, I’m thinking of adding it to our Live Traderoom.

One of the best parts about this plan is that all of the great results it has been getting is from just 30 minutes per day of trading.  This is a 30 minute per day tradeplan!  What do I mean by great results?  Check out the equity curve and the Tradestation Performance Report.  SST Pro owners have the option to get the powerful Tradestation Automation Module.  Here are the results,year to date. 

CL v3 Equity Curve

CLv3 Performance Report

You can come join us in the Live Traderoom for a free look.  Make sure you get on the waiting list for the next SST Pro Release, as well.

I will be giving two live presentations in Paris at the Technical Analysis Expo, later this month, March 23rd and 24th.  Springtime in Paris is worth the trip for no other reason, but how about a fun travel to Paris to check out the TA Expo as well for a tax write off?  That’s my idea of the perfect trip.  Hope to see some of you there.

I’m holding a Live Training SST Bootcamp in London the following week, as well, March 29th.  This is for SST Members only, and while the SST has just been taken off the market, I heard rumor that there still might be a few copies left, which come with the Bootcamp bundled with the deal.  In other words, at no extra charge.  If you are interested, shoot me an email at

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