New SST Forex & Futures Members Given a Warm Welcome Today – By the Market!!

In our Live  forex and futures Traderoom, the markets gave new SST Members a warm welcoming party today, playing their favorite music over the loud speakers; Cha Ching a Ling ding a ding a ding dong dang!  After enduring a consolidation day yesterday, the markets came roaring back, as is so often the case.  Crude Oil was on fire, giving our basic tradeplan users a nice first winner of the session.  We then stood down and waited to trade the Crude Oil Inventory Report as we typically do on Wednesdays.  This being a 4 day trade week, the report came out today instead.  We proceeded to take a small managed loss on the first trade after the report, but then caught a nice winner and finished with our power of quitting goals intact, +.23. 

Some traders are using the alternative tradeplan that we often discuss in the traderoom, treating today like a regular session and then trading the Inventory Report as an extra 6th session.  There were huge gains today early on so a big congrats to those members.

The Russell marched back from a tough session yesterday, erasing the minor setup and forging forward again, winning 2 out of 2 and posting a juicy +8.9 Points.  Awesome!

Wheat Futures also gave us an easy session, confirming our claims of sometimes finishing with our tradeplans in just a few minutes.  Today, after 13 minutes of trading, we had hit our goals and finished with +4.75 Points.

The EURUSD gave us an interesting sequence as well.  We hit our first full winner, short for +20 pips.  Later, we reversed to long and a few minutes later found ourselves adding to our long position.  Both those trades stopped out at breakeven.  Such is the EURUSD during the US session these days.  European traders enjoyed a very nice moving session, as we have also seen so far this year.

What was interesting about our EURUSD session though was how the SST Pro gave us some optional NEW addon possibilities.  We were able to use the GetBob to Add to our Addon position, which scalped us a full target, which was great to see.  It was small but profit is profit and the setup was perfectly tuned, + 6 pips after spread and + 2 more on the trailer.  We also saw an unusual Addon to the GetBob, we a yellow Reentry setup.  This is a new addon we put into the SST Pro Calc.  That trade is still going.  It almost stopped out at a reversal short entry but it missed by 3/10s of a pip and then went higher.  At the time of this post, stops have moved up locking in 1 pip, assuring a risk free ‘addon to the addon to the addon trade.’  lol..  Daytrading requires patience sometimes.  13 Minutes of Wheat futures to hit our goals today, but the EURUSD requiring a lot longer, obviously. 

See EURUSD Trade (earlier); when I took this shot, the final addon yellow trade was still going.

EURUSD Trades (later); the final addon yellow trade is still going, but it avoided stopping out and hit its full target.  Both additional addons made a huge difference today in this market.  It’s important to understand the philosophy behind the SST and why it works the way it does so that you are positioned to take these types of trades when they come along.  It’s all about the Trigger Line and what it tells us about momentum and direction when combined with SST trade setups.  The fixed target grabbed another +18 pips.  The trailer has +19 pips locked in at this moment which is the worst case scenario if it rolls over.  That would result in +65 pips for today.  We’ll see how it plays out.

The EURJPY was the only drag, getting into one short that quickly turned around and stopped out.  Oh well!  EJ has been great all year.  It was in consolidation mode after a nice earlier part of the session.  – 32 pips on the two positions

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