New GBPUSD Swingtrade Plan Posted to the SST Owner’s Club Websites

Today, a new GBPUSD tradeplan was posted to the SST and SST FX Owner’s Club Websites.  It uses a 4 hour chart and was tested over the past 200 trades and 24 months of trading.  The Owner’s Clubs are loaded with tradeplans for all kinds of different markets; Futures, Forex, Stocks, ETFs and Options.  Swingtrades, daytrades and longer term position trades too.  This one utilizes a popular 4 hour chart and can be traded using MT4, Tradestation, Ninja Trader or eSignal. 

Here’s a look at a 2 year equity curve using the basic SST setups.  It does not include our various Add-on trades or the new and super winning GetB.o.B. trades which would only serve to actually improve the results, as hard as that may seem.  Why do I say that?  Because over the past two years, this tradeplan has won 167 of the last 207 trades; a whopping 80.68%!  I’m not saying that will continue.  No one knows the future.  But we sure can feel good about what just happened.  And, 200 trades is a pretty darn good test.  Moreover the worst losing streak it had was 3 in a row — and that was only once.  On the other hand, it has posted winning streaks of 10, 11, 12 and even had a sequence where it won 17 trades in a row.  Almost seems hard to believe except that when I look at other SST tradeplans, while it is rare to find something in the 80% range for such a long period of time, we have been finding many tradeplans that produce in the 70s, over long stretches of time. 

Check out the Equity Curve to this Tradeplan

Current Trades; + 487 Pips over the last 5 trades

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