New Forex Swingtrade Plan Published on Owner’s Club Gained over $200,000 Over Past 5 Years!!

  • Newest Forex Tradeplan posted over $200,000 in gains using a basic 3 position approach of 1 full lot each.
  • You can scale up if you’d like, beginning with 1 position (micro, mini or full size)
  • More End of Day Tradeplans are being worked on and soon the collection will continue to grow
  • End of Day Stock and ETF plans continue to perform well, too

We are winding down our final launch of the SST Pro, but there is still time to grab one of the few remaining copies.  In the meantime, SST Pro Owners are benefitting greatly from the new tradeplans that are being discovered.  I am currently working on a whole new list of Forex End of Day swingtrade plans.  This is an area with enormous opportunity and offers many exciting reasons why one should want to trade these plans.

First of all, it’s pretty darn easy.  You just check your charts once per day and manage your trades.  Then, walk away until the end of the next day.  There is no better way to remove the ever destructive ‘human element’ from the trade equation.

Secondly, it gives you enormous diversification.  With a well selected list of End of Day Tradeplans, you can trade a variety of markets, each with its own unique profitable EDGE in the market.

Third, you can be as active or inactive as you’d like.  Each End of Day swingtrade plan is going to give you 1 to 3 trades per month.  With a dozen or so of these plans, you can be active each week, with several trades.

Fourth, these plans take advantage of some of the best trends that exist for traders.  Forex tends to trend in the same direction for extended periods of time and these plans get you on the right side of the trend and allow you to grab the meat of the move with SST Pro ease and facility.  Just follow the dots!

Don’t miss out!  This is the LAST public release of the SST Pro, one of the most profitable, dependable, easy to use trade strategy available.  Available for just a little while longer, that is.

See Replay of Final Release Webinar Below


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