New Equity Highs Again; Russell eMini and Crude Oil Futures

We are witnessing the Seven Summits Trader, performing as intended, over and over again, hitting new profit levels on the Russell eMini, Crude Oil Futures, Forex, Stocks, etc.  No matter what your market or timeframe, the SST is delivering the goods. It’s just a matter of sticking with the tradeplan. When it runs into short term trouble, don’t fret. Just consider it a necessary part of the business of profitable trading. If you’re NOT getting successful results, you need training. The system is doing what it is supposed to do. Are you?

Take Crude Oil futures, for example. We had a tough session last week on the day of the crude report. We’ve had nothing but profitable sessions up until that point on what some might describe as a historic run. Last week we experienced our 3rd losing session since going live with the SST in August. Imagine that. To date, we’ve traded 46 sessions and have won 43 of them. Today we grabbed + .74 points for $740 and are sitting just one trade beneath our highest profit levels yet. Are you? If not, why?

Today’s Crude Oil Trades

Current Equity Curve (includes add-ons)

Meanwhile, the Russell has broken out to all new profit levels for the last 3 consecutive sessions, winning + 1.6 points today. For the week, we are already up over +13 points (that’s $1,300) and are sitting, for the first time ever at + 350 net points since April. Anyone care to guess when we’ll hit the + 400 point level? It will happen.

I’ve been calling live trades for a long time now, and have been calling the Russell live since my very first day when I called a – 1.7 point losing session. I’ve called trades on a variety of different styles and strategies, all with winning results. NEVER have I ever hit + 350 net points. In all fairness, this is a 2 position strategy and the +350 represents the sum of both positions. But even if you cut the points in half, I have not hit +175 net points so quickly, with so few trades, and with so little day to day time invested. We are often done in 15 minutes and usually less than one hour, on a session to session basis.

Today’s Russell Trades

Current Equity Curve (includes add-ons)

I don’t offer these results for the purpose of boasting or to toot my own horn, although I can imagine it probably sounds like I am. Hey! It is what it is. I’ve taken some hard kicks to the shins too. They are IN these results. My point though is to offer encouragement, hope and inspiration. It doesn’t matter what you’re trading. Forex is also hitting profitable sessions, over and over again. The stock trades are amazing. The point is, are you getting the results you should be getting? Let’s work at making sure you are!

YES — it can be done! YES — we’re doing it every day! YES — you too can do it. SST is NOT that hard. It can be learned. YOU can be trained. YOU should be trained. YOU should be making consistent money with a sound tradeplan trading the SST. Get the training you need, if you need it. If not, great! But if you are still struggling and still trying to figure it out; still trying to get profitable, then the smartest and best investment you can make for yourself is to get training. It’s about being penny wise and NOT pound foolish because whether you pay for training or not, you WILL pay for training. Only, the market will be your instructor and it comes from the school of Ruthless Hard Knocks. It has no problem issuing some serious spankings! One way or another, you will learn. The question is, will it be the hard way, or the smart way? Choose the smart way.  The next time we hit all new equity highs on the Russell eMini, Crude Oil Futures or forex, I hope you are trading right along side of us, also hitting new equity highs.

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