New AUDUSD Swing Trade Plan Posted to SST Owner’s Club

We’ve had some requests for a specific AUDUSD tradeplan for swingtraders so after quite a bit of research, I came up with something that I’m quite happy with.  The details are posted on the SST Owner’s Club which is currently being offered as a FREE benefit to all New SST Members.  Make sure you register for tomorrow’s live Q & A.  As mentioned earlier, a Dow eMini daytrade plan will be posted this week as well. 

We have lots of other tradeplans published too, ranging across many different markets and timeframes; forex, futures, commodities, stocks, ETFs, options, daytrades, swingtrades, longer term position trades, tick charts, time based charts, range bars, momentum bars and renko bars.  There’s something for everyone with new tradeplans being published on a regular basis.  Each tradeplan has been tested over lots of trades and different market conditions utilizing the basic SST principals, the same techniques that have made the SST such an effective style of trading.  Become an SST Member while the opportunity is still available and you too can be swing trading the AUDUSD, as well as many of your other favorite forex pairs.

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