Nasdaq Heading Higher — And We’re All Over it!

The Nasdaq is going up!  Last week during our free educational webinar a lot of interesting points-of-view were presented by the Netpicks owners and coaches.  I focused my short presentation on the Nasdaq when I pointed out that a major breakout on the longer term charts was just underway.  In our live traderoom, I even pointed out a trade that was just setting up at that particular moment on our faster QQQQ 195 Minute swing trade chart.

The entry was at 56.06.  At the time of the setup, January 10th, Feb 56 calls were selling for approximately 1.31.  Today, as of this post, they are selling at 1.71, which is a 75% increase!  THIS is how one should consider trading SST Stock and ETF swing trades.  Traders using multiple option positions have taken positions off at each SST target level and are still trailing for a potentially explosive and larger move to the upside which seems to now be underway.

SST Owner’s Club members have two distinct tradeplans available to them, specifically designed to take advantage of the explosive moves in the QQQQ.  Here are a few screen shots of the bigger picture as I presented it at the free training webinar last week.  It is possible that a bigger and longer term move to the upside is just getting started.  SST has us poised and in position to take full advantage of such a move.  Best of all, even if the move falters, SST will have us on the right side of the trade regardless.  But when the markets do run, we’ll have fun ringing the cash register because the SST will have us scaling in and trailing our positions to capture the full potential of the move.  And like I said, it appears at this point in time, to be just getting started.  We’ll see…

QQQQ Big Picture — This monthly chart shows a potential beginning move to the upside.  The SST identified this move 19 months ago with its powerful ‘reversal’ trade setup.  Then, 5 months after that, it triggered into an ‘add-on’ position.  Notice how both positions hit their full targets at their respective 3rd dots.  What’s more is that the trailing stops are still in the move!

QQQQ Weekly — This weekly chart shows the upside move on a faster level.  It too is in a long trade that hit its full target and is now trailing upward.  Shorter timeframe trades are also proving to be profitable as I pointed out above, with the 195 qqqq trade.  Keep your eyes on the Nasdaq and try to get into a long position when the opportunity presents itself.

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