Nasdaq eMini Also Joining the Party, Finishing Quickly with +9.25 Points

On a day when the overall market ended with a dismal performance for the rest of the world, we were posting solid gains across numerous markets.  The major indices all ended significantly lower.  The Nasdaq for example ended down – 36.75 points, -1.66%, yet we were able to post +9.25 points to our bottom line.  What’s more, we did it with 22 minutes!  Our style of trading, using our dynamic goal setting strategy, the “Power of Quitting,” had us hitting modest yet positive goals (well, some not so modest) across lots of markets today. The Seven Summits Trader doesn’t care if the market is going up or down. It gets us in when we want to be in, and gets us out at the right time too.  Check out this NQ chart showing the two trades I’m talking about.

Click on this chart to see our Nadaq eMini Trades

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