MT4 Traders Pick up +80 Pips with EURUSD 5 Min Chart Today

The EURUSD continues to win, and win big.  Forex is a decentralized market and it has been often described as the ‘wild west,’ and for good reason.  It is important to have a plan that consistently guides and that puts the odds in your favor.  Our EURUSD 5 min chart tradeplan with the SST does just that.

Still though, data services vary somewhat from provider to provider.  In this video I want to show you how our MT4 users with a popular broker (Oanda) fared vs. our Tradestation users.  This is not meant to be an endorsement or criticism towards either.  Tomorrow, the opposite can happen.  The real take away from this post is the importance of sticking to your tradeplan and trading your charts.  The variance that occurs from time to time, ultimately evens itself out, over time.  The losing trade you take today that the other provider may have avoided will flip around and the opposite will occur next time.  Don’t worry about it.

Today, + 80 pips with MT4 while Tradestation users either broke even or actually lost a few pips after an important key level adjustment on the stop.

Check it out by playing this short video recapping today’s eurusd trades.

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