The Swing Trade Success Continues: $31,500 Over 120 Days

The Seven Summits Trader gives us SO many options to trade.  A trader can really put together an excellent, well rounded trade portfolio.  While it does take a larger trade account to swing trade futures, it would be wise to write these exciting and highly lucrative opportunities into your trade plan.  As you grow your account and get more proficient with the strategy, you could add slower moving swing trades to your overall tradeplan.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  You’ll definitely want to keep a close eye on these markets and timeframes.  They are HOT!

Ten Year TNotes are excellent for day trading. They move slow and proficient day traders could consider adding this market and/or the 30 year TBond market to their daily trade plan. We’ll explore these possibilities another time. When was the last time you explored a 60 minute chart with TNotes? If you need convincing, check out these numbers: Over the past 173 trades, $17,750 and a respectable PF of 2. That means for every dollar you put at risk, you make $2 back. That’s as close to printing US Legal Tender as you’ll ever find!

Here’s an entirely different look, the TY’s cousin, 30 Yr TBonds. I lied above when I said that you were looking at the closest thing to printing US Legal Tender. The dynamic and hyperactive US actually sports a PF of 2.5, meaning you’ll make $2.50 for every $1 you put at risk. This is a printing press on steroids. This 130 minute chart is a much slower trade, but it has produced $31,500 over the past 120 days!

We all know that gold has been the hot commodity lately and SST DOES put together an impressive and very profitable gold trade. But how about gold’s less illustrious counterpart? You can line your accounts with gold by trading copper futures. Check out this 4 hour chart which is slow enough to swing trade and active enough to turn copper into gold. The last 120 days has produced a whopping $28,387!

We’re just getting started! These past couple posts are merely meant to introduce you to the profitable world of swing trading with SST. This is just a hint of what you can expect from the SST Owner’s Club, where we will not only show you results like this, across a whole spectrum of markets, but we will actually tell you HOW to set up your SST to maximize these profitable swing opportunities. Make sure you are registered for the big event; the Seven Summits Trader Grand Opening, this August 25th!

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