More Big Profits Across Many Markets

We had more big profits across many markets.  Forex markets took a pause today during the US session with a down day on both the EJ and EU.  Both markets ended nicely higher for the week though.

Our futures trading continues to do great things for us.  After a hard down day last Friday on the Russell eMini and then on Crude Futures this past Wednesday, we have charged back to near all time profit levels again.  Today, the Russell ended up +14.9 points and ended the week up, +19 points.  That’s $1,900.  We have put last Friday’s kick to the shins firmly in the rear view mirror.

Same thing with Crude Futures.  We ended today up +1.43 and ended the week up, +3.38 for $3,338.

We took a pause with Wheat futures these past two sessions, due to low volume and the rollover to the December contract.  We ended the week firmly positive with +14.25 points.

That’s just a quick recap.  The purpose of this post though was to highlight some of our ‘rockin’ and rollin’ stock and etf swing trades.  The SST is an awesome swingtrader and the tradeplans that we have published on the SST Owner’s Club are hitting homeruns all over the place.  These next few charts will show you what I mean.

Gold ETF; We just closed out of a trade for a huge profit.  Today we got a gift when GLD opened up above our full target where we exited part of our position.  Trailers ended shortly thereafter for a huge profit.  I traded a single position on this one, content to get out at open above the full target.

Bought Sep 171 calls for +5.70 on 8/16 and exited at 11.76 today, three says later for a mouth watering 106% return!! 

Silver ETF (SLV); 37 and 38 Sep calls hitting their 2nd targets even as I am writing this post.  SLV could pop up over the weekend rather than exit at the 2nd target at 41.34, I’m putting a stop just below this current bar at 41.19.  It is already so profitable that I’m willing to risk a few pennies to hopefully catch a bigger move to the upside.  I also have profitable positions trailing the tradeplan stop.  See the chart for details.  In short, Sept 37 calls up 78% and the addon, 38 calls are up 49% with a chance to go higher on both.  These are just two examples. 

Longer term QQQ puts really paid off big time after a false breakout to the upside turned tail and tanked down when the markets sold off last week.  Those puts hit their full target and are still trailing.  In fact, we just had a chance to buy more puts with the SST Addon Trade, October 54 puts.  I mean, why not?  This tradeplan has won 80% over the past 10 years and after the near breakout to the upside didn’t trigger the stops on the initial puts, you could see the predictability powers of this tradeplan at work.  You’ll see more on this in the next Netpicks Informer Newsletter which already seems like ancient history when you speed forward a week or two and see what just occurred.

Other trades that are currently in play include shorts on ADSK, AAPL, LULU, LVS, NFLX, SU, DB, and GS with GetBob shorts setting up on AMZN and GOOG, both of which just closed out with big gains. Also, a nicely profitable long VXX trade is pushing upward and onward indicating more market weakness.

Come on into our LIVE Traderoom for a free indepth look at all these trades and more!!

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