MetaTrader Sucks.

Weird: These days, doesn’t it seems like everyone is positively crazy about time interval charts?

I mean, most people in our niche talk about time interval as the ‘end all, be all’ of charts… and if you trade with MetaTrader, fuggedaboutit – time intervals are like the ONLY charting they do support!

But I caution you, don’t be fooled. And as we always say here at NetPicks, *never* be content with the status quo.

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Believe it or not, time interval (and volume and tick charts, for that matter) have a whole host of issues – my biggest problem is that they’re NOT based on price movement. This means lots of chop, churn and confusion right when you’re trying to make huge trade decisions in a split second. Not exactly ideal.

Right out of the box, MetaTrader is been downright depressing when it comes to chart offerings – they give you limited options with the explanation, “Hey, we don’t cost you anything upfront – what more do you want?”.

One major breakthrough solution I had is testing an alternate charting method pioneered by a Brazilian trader back in the 1990’s – who finally found a way to chart based on price action which actually solves most of the problems of the other charting methods.

In addition, this new charting method…

===>> Filters out *alot* of the chop and noise plotted by tick and volume
===>> Handles fast moves and market slow-down better than we’ve seen
===>> Reacts to news quickly so you can make a better decision, faster
===>> Rocks with indicator-based strategies
===>> Is awesome in volatile markets (!)

Even better, I’ve custom-programmed a plug-in, called Quantum Leap Intervals, specifically for MetaTrader that allows you to start trading with this alternative charting method. Personally, it’s made my trading life much easier more succinct and I STILL use it in my every-day trading.

Best of all, I’m giving away this plug-in to you, today. All I ask in return is for your feedback. About a week after you download the plugin, I’m going to send you a brief survey to gauge your thoughts on my Quantum Leap Intervals software – and all you have to do is answer it as honestly as possible.

Sound like a fair trade? Good. Here’s where to get it:


Mark Soberman
NetPicks Seven Summits Trader

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