Lots of Winners During Yesterday’s Live SST Pro Demo

The SST Pro hit winners on the following markets during yesterday’s demo:

  • AUDJPY 5 Minute Chart — Long, slow trade still going as of this writing.  So Far, 25 pips of profit.
  • Crude Oil Futureson two different charts and tradeplans
    • 377 Tick Chart; +17 ticks in 5 minutes for $170, with more winners throughout the session.  (Trading the after the Crude Inventory Report would have produced two quick winners and another .70 or, $700.)
    • 5 Minute Chart; +.82 for $820
  • Russell eMini:  We took two partial winners, the first of which missed its full target by just a single tick.  I let the trade run but normally would be aggressively exiting with part of my position.
  • EURUSD:  Had a great winner that ended later in the session for +45 pips.
  • Wheat Futures (after Demo ended, Wheat gave us 1 good solid winner for +3.75 points)

We’ll be posting the video of yesterday’s live demo shortly.  If you missed it, don’t worry because you’ll be able to relive it again with the video.  There were many great trade opportunities that we presented.  I thought I would follow up with one trade in particular though, since the demo ended before the trade was able to pick up speed.

If you were there yesterday (if not you’ll see it in the video), you’ll remember that the EURUSD was practically comatose with hardly any price action.  The SST Pro did put us into a long trade however, which seemed like it was just going to flatline until ‘who knows when!’  Shortly after our demo ended however, the market picked up steam and not only went to full target, but also gave us the chance to ADD to our position for another full target winner.  You can see the full trade below on both Tradestation and MetaTrader 4.

Like Yesterday’s examples, notice the accuracy of the targets.  We took what the market wanted to give us during very slow trade conditions and very little price range.


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  1. peter church says:

    is the seven summits trader available for ninjatrader?


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