SST Live Trading Room: See Today’s VIP Results!

In just one session, SST Owners could have paid for their entire SST course AND the Live Training, on just the Russell eMini alone – read on to see how we did in the SST trading room.  In fact, numerous markets today either paid for SST or came very close. We are rapidly approaching our ‘end of the line’ for this debut release so if you’ve been on the fence, take a look at these results and then make your move because time (and quantity) is running out.

Today, in our live VIP trading room (available to all SST members for the price of half a winning trade), the TF put on a real SST Clinic for us. Trading the strategy as taught, one could have picked up +16.7 (+ $1,670) points in just two trades, if incorporating the full strategy (scaling and trailing).  Today was an example of why the scale and trail aspect of the SST is one of the Seven Summits!  These trades were called live, tracked to completion and fully explained in the VIP room today.  Even traders experiencing their first exposure to SST took a big leap forward to becoming an expert, courtesy of the Russell eMini SST Clinic, generously provided by the live market, today.

Check out this video for a recap.

But that’s not all we experienced together live in the Seven Summits Trader live trading room.  The bullets were really flying today, across many fronts, and WE were the ones hitting ALL our targets, dead on the mark!  We even launched a couple of WMD’s, obliterating any poor soul unlucky enough to be caught on the other side of our trades.  Check out what happened on Crude Oil.  If the Russell eMini was a clinic, SST Crude Oil Futures trading was a smooth joy ride to trader nirvana.

Check it out here

These are not some sort of rehash, cherry picked trades.  This happened today!  Today’s trading right in our trading room!  We followed them live on the right edge of the chart, where we live and breath each and every session.

Here’s a sampling of some of the other results from today’s session, all with just the basic Power of Quitting approach:

  • + 13.5 points on NQ eMini in 20 minutes = + $270
  • + 79 points on Euro Futures = + $987
  • +7.5 Points S & P in 24 minutes = + $350
  • + 50 Dow eMini
  • +129 Pips US Session; GBPUSD Forex
  • +153 Pips US Session; EURJPY

Many other winners today on other markets as well.

A Final Note

I heard Bob Pisani on CNBC telling us that many are predicting a market rally later in the year.  “Why,” he asks?  “Because nobody has made any money this year.”  To us here at NetPicks, this is almost laughable.  I’d be falling out of my chair with laughter if it wasn’t so sad.  We’ve been making money hands over fist, trading our systems.  SST has been unstoppable making over 250 points in our live trade room just on the Russell eMini and that wasn’t even our most profitable market, by any stretch.  Just check out today’s action above though!  Today was NOT an unusual session.

We’re not in the business of predicting whether there will be a rally or not.  To us, that’s a fool’s game and a losing proposition, 50:50 at best, leaning towards where the blind man throws the dart on the wall!  All we do is take our trades, up or down, follow our plan, and watch our equity continue to grow.  Come join us in the Seven Summit Trader Live Trading Room if you haven’t joined already.

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4 Responses to SST Live Trading Room: See Today’s VIP Results!

  1. Rick Hartman says:

    Having been a participate in the VIP room today it was a kick to watch and a killer to not be able to participate. But, it was a good opportunity to watch the system in action and continue to learn the strategy.


  2. Kelly Goodman says:

    What told you the Russel was overbought? Was that just gut…or some indicator?

    • CoachTJ says:

      We use a custom indicator that comes with the SST that tells us when to look for reversal setups based on it indicating an OS or OB condition. SST owners get this indicator along with all the other custom tools that make this trade system the powerhouse that it is.

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