Live Demo of the SST (Monday)

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Seven Summits Trader (it’s been off the market for months now), we’re hosting a Live DEMO of the system – just so you can see what all the buzz is about 🙂

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Imagine, being able to…

  • Spend Minutes, NOT HOURS trading the Most Profitable markets (so you can get back to your life – friends, family… who knows – maybe even that next great business idea!)
  • See Solid, Consistent Profits That Steadily Build Your Account Day-by-Day.
  • Set Your Own Schedule… Want to Day Trade the Forex? Or Just Spend a Few Minutes Swing Trading Options? Imagine doing either… or both!
  • Cut Your Risk by Leaps and Bounds with Its Custom Developed Risk Eliminating Software
  • Setup and Execute your Trades with Push-Button Simplicity. We Teach You When to Get In and Where to Get Out so Nothing is a Mystery or ‘Black Box’.

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And this Monday, May 16th, we’re going to walk you through this tried and true strategy so you can see if it’s right for you. Heck, we’ll even TEACH you a lesson on the indicators, show you what markets it works with and the kind of results you should expect to see (none of this ‘results not typical’ business).

Top that off with a Live Q&A session so you can get some answers – nothing is off limits here.

It’s fun, it’s informal – it’s just a time to get together and discuss each others trading and see if the SST can help. Get your logins right now – see you then!

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