Large Forex Gains; SST and its Tour de Force

Strange days indeed yet despite all the world craziness that hits the wire randomly, well, just about every other moment, the SST continues to put us on the right side of the trade which you can see loud and clear in our favorite forex markets.  Futures, too.  Despite a tough no news session yesterday, we came roaring back with futures today.  But Forex is the continuing story and particularly, our EURUSD 5 minute chart.  On the day before our final SST release of 2011, we have hit all time equity highs on the EURUSD and have nearly amassed +3000 pips over the past few months, with very few trades and an aggressive approach to our trade management style that has us enjoying risk free positions on a majority of our trades.

Today was no different.  We got wiggled into an early loss, where our stop pushed to cut risk and then we flipped to short on a stop and reverse.  That was the trade that hit the ball out of the park with a huge +103 pip trade.  We netted +67 pips on two trades, accounting for the earlier loss (two positions) which is on top of our one and done session yesterday where we netted +44 pips.  New equity highs and + 2795 pips since calling the tradeplan in the Signal Service, July 29th.

EJ is still in its trade as of the time I am writing this post but if it were to stop out at its current stop level, it would have gained +55 pips with a one and done session today.  Yesterday, we lost the first trade, won the 2nd, and ended basically flat, with a +5 pip net result.  So we’re 2 for 3 using the SST Simple trade system and up +60 pips so far this week.

See Today’s Forex EURUSD Trades on MT4 

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