Kind Words from Current SST Traders…

I can go on and on about how powerful the SST system performs, and you have seen in Troy’s posts the real results you can achieve, but it helps to hear from actual owners of the Seven Summits Trader. I received an email recently from a current owner with these kind words:

Hi Mark,

Me?? yes, still stuck ofshore on a drilling rig..but have been slowly and steadily going through the SST video training sessions…

You most certainly spoke the truth when you mentioned in your mail that this type of training is ‘Awesome’.

I’m just a little disappointed that I did not make it to the ‘Live’ event. Am more than delighted with the recordings…which I will watch time and time again I’m sure.

My favourites so far are Video 1 and Video 5 where ‘TJ’ hammers home the fact that in order to use the system we must be 100% confident that it can do what it says it can do. We need to have the confidence to always ‘take the next trade’ without fear and this will only come with due diligence.

TJ is ‘Awesome’ his training, second to none…and the advice is
priceless…tells me exactly what I need to do in order to progress….Get the fundamentals sorted, build the foundations by doing the groundwork.. get into the trenches…that’s where I will be. I’m going to slow right down and do the groundwork just as he advises and then we’ll see what happens from then.

Huge thanks also (of course) to all the team at Netpicks….you have given us the tools…we need to learn how to use them to our own advantage.

Best regards,


There you have it! Join Ranjit and get on board with the SST. You’ll be scaling the seven summits of trading with us in no time!

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