Seven Summits Testimonials from a New Trader…

We receive kinds words and Seven Summits testimonials from our new SST traders all the time! Just read the below to catch a glimpse into this trader’s experience with the SST:

“Support Team,

Having been a customer of NetPicks for quite some time, I feel I have to say some things about the new SST System. The system and all the indicators are very easy to see and learn. TJ has really done an incredible job with this. The videos on the training disks are absolutely incredible. They are so well done and easy to follow.

I would say that if the system works as well as the training, we will all be way ahead of anything else on the market. TJ is meticulous in his training approach, he makes it so interesting and very easy to follow and learn. I am really looking to much success with the SST System. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Thanks again,


Steve is just another shining example of the fantastic owners we have onboard the SST! Thanks so much for the kind note and if you’ve got any great Seven Summits testimonials, please send them our way!

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