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We get a lot of positive feedback arriving into our inboxes these days, and every now and then, I personally get one that is inspiring to the point that I like to share it with our readers.  I remember when Michael was first considering the SST and how skeptical he was, and rightfully so.  It’s so hard to distinguish the good from the bad these days.  A good healthy dose of skepticism is generally a wise thing to have.  Anyway,  Coach Ron and I both received this today unexpected, but very welcome none-the-less.  I love to hear that our hard work is having a real, tangible, positive effect on our members. Trading successfully is one of the hardest things anyone can accomplish.  We like to think that we ARE helping people achieve that objective so to receive testimonialls like this, spontaneously, really makes our weekend, to say the least!

Hello Ron, TJ, and the NetPicks Organization

I just wanted to thank TJ Noonan, you and the Netpicks organization.

Your encouragement about giving the SST a fair chance to prove its result has really paid off.

I received my package Nov. 21, 2010 on a Friday at 5PM PST.  I did what Mark suggests, “open the box and use it”. I read the manual and watched the DVD’s several times over the weekend. On Monday the 22nd, I began paper trading on the Ninja 6.5, platform. In the past I was all in and all out of my positions, so the concept of taking off parts of a position was new territory. Keep in mind I made a lot of mistakes in the process of learning how Ninja DOM works with this type of trading and learning the SST calculator and Trade plans’. It wasn’t until 4 weeks later (a slow learner and everyday in the Owner’s/VIP room) that I started to get it, the nuances of the SST and Ninja Platform operation.

Attached are my results from Nov. 22, 2010 to Feb. 11, 2011 not bad considering the mistakes while learning, and from Dec. 31, 2010

(When I finally got my Target 2 trail balance Ninja bracket order working) to Feb 11, 2011, nice outcome on both reports.

The proof is in the reports, mistakes and all. I am currently working on my 25 correct executions for CL and 25 for TF before going live, really a challenging task.

Please, feel free to share this with those who are skeptical, as I was in the beginning. Thank you for your commitment to trading success. See the attachments.

Michael Camardese

Trade Results 1; 11/22/10 – 2/11/11

Trade Results 2; 12/31/10 – 2/11/11

First, I want to congratulate Michael for not only making the investment in purchasing the SST, but also for his committed diligence and effort in actually learning the system, persevering through obvious adversity, and sticking with it long enough to finally realize that this trade system IS for real and DOES produce enormous profits WHEN traded as intended.  BUT, one has to actually be COACHABLE first.  Michael clearly is!  Great job!! 

Second, I want to thank him not only for trusting in us enough to take this journey with us, but to then generously share his experience so that others might also benefit.  That’s great!  If everyone took the time to share stuff like this on a regular basis, the world would be a better place (and there would be a lot more successful traders in the world too).  Well done Michael! 

Thank you!!


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2 Responses to I Received this Today..

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    The equity curve you post for the period of 12/31 thru Feb 12 shows profits of nearly $40,000. Which is MUCH greater than the longer equity curve. Also, is it realistic that just the TF and CL will produce $40,000 in just 6 weeks? Thanks.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Jeff, I think you are referring to the equity curves that one of our members sent in, to share his results. I believe that the first equity curve includes a lot of his early mistakes. The 2nd curve shows his results once he ironed out his errors and also got his platform working properly. Hopefully he’ll see this comment and clarify the difference between the two curves. You may want to reread his comments too, though.

      As to your 2nd question, much would have to do with a few things: 1) how many positions you were trading and if you were trading the full strategy with add-ons and trailers; 2) how good the swings in the market were through that 6 week period; 3) how well you actually traded the system; and 4) what money mgt techniques were being used (see below for 1 example of this point). I can tell you that we amassed over 400 Russell eMini points from April 5th through the end of the year, with a strict “2 wins and positive – done for the day” approach. That is over $40,000 with no increase in position size as the account grew with profits.

      I ran a test to see what would have happened if we started with $20k, and put on a 2% risk per position based on the avg losing trade through that same period of time. I also capped the position size at 10 contracts per position in case it grew to that level (it would not allow for 11 contracts per position, in other words). I wrote about this in this very blog, somewhere in the archives.. Anyway, the exact same trades would have grown the equity, net of expenses, to about $180,000 with the exact same trades.

      Crude Futures produced something similar. I’m not sure if that answers your question directly, but hopefully it gives you enough insight to derive an adequate answer. The SST is VERY profitable but let’s face it. A great trade system can still be destroyed by a poor trader and a poor trade system can actually be profitable in the hands of a great trader. The SST has show tremendous consistency and profitability over a lot of live trading and in a lot of different markets and timeframes. Just today, again, we ended quite profitably in both Crude and the Russell eMini. Tomorrow morning I will be hosting a live demo. Come check it out.

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