Huge Profits Taking What the Market will Give us the SST Way

Today was another session with huge profits, using our tried and true ‘Power of Quitting’ dynamic goal setting strategy.  The power of quitting, or poq as we call it, gives us a way to ‘take what the profits that the market wants to give us,’ while also allowing us to ‘quit positive on most sessions.’  That’s all we need to grow our accounts and our equity curves up and to the right.  It’s all about quitting each session with profits.

Today was no different.  If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll notice how our poq strategy gave us modest profits on the EURUSD during the US session.  I’m just showing the US session as an example.  The Euro session is also an excellent time to trade and I promise, I’ll show some Euro examples soon.  There are just too many great opportunities (not a bad problem).  During today’s session, using the exact same SST tradeplan and our exact same poq strategy, we were able to quit positive after just two trades again.  This time, the market wanted to give us quite a bit more.  Check it out.

EURUSD; + 97 pips in just two trades

More Power of Quitting results today:

GBPUSD; + 221 Pips!!

Silver Futures; + .80; + $4000 in just 3 trades!!

Wheat Futures; + 13.75 Points in 9 Minutes today for Poq and + $687.5 in profits

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