How to Trade Without Indicators Webinar

Reminder: our online educational seminar on how to use price action to trade WITHOUT indicators, is TODAY at 7:00pm Eastern.

This web event, taught by our own Forex Guru, Shane Daly is completely educational and our way of giving back to the trading community. So bring your pen and paper and leave the credit card at home.

Don’t delay – Get your seat in today’s webinar now – it doesn’t cost a thing!

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In our next installment of our NetPicks Educational Webinar Series, we’re going to be teaching you about indicator-free trading! Specifically, using indicators that target turning points to learn price action… which can teach you how to trade without indicators!

Our own Forex expert, Shane Daly, will be kicking this call off with his expertise in learning how to become a pure price trader. In addition, he’ll also be covering:

Multiple chart trading
Higher time frame trend
Entries on lower time frames
Using lower time frame for better entries on higher time frame setup
Support and resistance
Two indicators…macd and stochs

Best of all, we’re NOT selling a thing in this webinar! No sales pitches, no pressure – nothing. This content is all 100% pure education and our way of giving back to the trading community. Information is key, guys, and even if we have to give it out, we’ve got to get it out there.

It’s not to late to sign up today!

Sign up here:

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