How to Profit in the Market in 3 Easy Steps

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  1. Shemsuu says:

    Although trading as a desciplined trader is so hard I’ve been tried to trade with gold and other precious metals,forex, oils and so on for the last past years, but the result and out comes were not as such promissing that’s why i descided to touch on my break-even turnning point to not avert any further risk, by now it’s time for my trade opportunity through this new reconcideration.
    Thank you for this trading access.

  2. Gary Imburg says:

    I am forever greatful to T. J. Noonan. I have been a fair trader and have an excellent entry plan taught to me by Barry Lind of Lind Waldock. Its position trading at its best and correlates very well with your 3 setups. However, my management while in the trade has been uncertain at best, because I have never had a very good exit plan. In a previous video set up by Norman Hallet, T.J. said 3 words that kept echoing in my head. The words were scaling and trailing. In this mornings trade on the EURO, the words finally made sense. I have been elated all day. TJ gave me the missing link to complete my trading plan. I now know how to lock profits, not be at risk to the market and play on the houses money for more gain. TJs gift to smaller traders like me is not measurable with words and I am eternally grateful. Gary

  3. Jim Wallace says:

    Went to web site and the system is not available. Was put on a waiting list. What is the win/loss ratio for the system and if it can be calculated maxium drawdown percentage. Thanks

    • CoachTJ says:

      Jim, It is not possible to answer your question. There are so many markets, timeframes, specific tradeplans that we use, etc. This is a complete trade system that is very versatile and can be used in a number of effective, profitable ways. The win rates and win:loss ratios are very strong, as are the other important trade stats that one would be interested in. There is a lot of material to review on this blog. Check it out.. Make sure you are registered for the live demo coming up this Monday. The SST will be back on the market this month with all new pricing and special offers.

  4. Shemsuu says:

    I would like to address my great thanks if this winning opportuninity comes true.

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