How to Build a Trade Plan

In this educational video, TJ (creator of the Seven Summits Trader trading system) discusses some VERY important aspects to the trade.  He will actually teach you how to build a trade plan by creating a NEW tradeplan for a very dynamic forex pair and figure out the best Entry, Stop and Target levels.  Watch how the results over the past 5 years continue to take form as TJ creates the building blocks to what will become a very dynamic and profitable tradeplan for SST Pro Owners.

Note: For those of you asking, TJ did all this using the Seven Summits Trader Pro AUTOMATION. This tool isn’t included in the base price of the SST or SST Pro but is an extra little add-on to help those of you isolate profitable markets outside of the dozens of trade plans given to you in the core SST Owners Club.

If you ARE interested in learning how this Automated SST tool can potentially pad your results, please come to this Seven Summits Trader Pro Automation Webinar this Thursday (September 27th) at 12:00pm Noon ET (US/Eastern).

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Tj,
    I missed your presentation thursday and wondered if you would be replaying it. I am really interested in knowing more about the pro automation tool and how to get it.
    You guys do an awesome job!

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