Happy New Year!! Say Goodbye to an Incredibly Profitable 2010..

Alright, first I’ll state the obvious:  The SST has produced some amazing results in many different markets since its release and even before, giving us steady consistent profits.  2010 has indeed been a banner year for us as SST traders.  Needless to say how excited we are to face 2011, with the SST armed and ready to go.

In this post, we’re going to focus on Crude Oil Futures.  But if you trade other markets, that’s fine.  This should still interest you because the SST works the same way across the board.  We’ll look at other markets in subsequent posts.  But Crude Oil has been SO profitable that I was compelled to share with you some results.

December was like a trader’s dream come true.  The SST posted “10 times in profits” what the cost of the SST was just trading crude oil futures in December, over $13 in profits; over $13000.  The last two weeks of the year were two of the most profitable back to back weeks we’ve seen.  In fact the last two days of the year paid the SST 3 times over and the last trade of the year, paid for the SST and a couple extra months in the private owener’s club to boot, just by itself.  Talk about going out with a bang!  I could hear the expensive champagne bottles popping their corks early to celebrate!! 

Of course we’ve seen exciting and explosive profits on many different markets; EURJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, Russell eMini, Silver Futures, Natural Gas, Wheat, and many different stocks and options.  Day trading, swing trading and even long term position trades were hugely profitable for us. 

So with all those highly profitable choices (to name just a few), what makes Crude Oil futures so special?  Well, the last two weeks of trading this year encapsulates the story, especially, the very LAST trade.

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