+328 pips on the GBPUSD US Session…

The GBPUSD produces huge trades during the US session.  This week we hit a homerun with a trade that made over +300 pips with the SST.  Here’s another range bar chart that MT4 traders (Tradestation and Ninja Trader, too) are going to thoroughly enjoy.  We like a .0020 range bar chart for the US session.  It’s like a quasi swing trade/slow moving day trade but it is excellent.  Over the past 40 days, we’ve reached a 2.05 profit factor, winning a whopping 32 trades! 

Click on SST Screen Shot to see a GBPUSD trade that took place earlier this week during the US Session.  It’s a classic SST trade where we were able to hit our full high percentage fixed target, grab a runner with our special trailing stop indicator AND, add to our position for an additional +165 pips.  All in all, the trade produced +328 pips! 

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  1. ricman says:

    I’m interested in knowing if you will be creating an MT4 EA for this. I have limited time to trade so could do with something that works on a virtual server trading for me. Are you likely to be coding an EA and if so on what timescale?

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