GBPUSD racks up over 450 pips

The Seven Summits Trader has made its mark on the daytrading world.  There is another aspect of the SST that many do not know about….Swing Trading.  I am a huge fan of not putting my eggs into one basket.  My trading business utilizes both opportunities of swing and day trading.  There is a lot of pluses for swing trading.  One huge one is not being a slave to your monitor.  At Netpicks, we only trade the session times that have the most movement.  For the most part, everyone of us is done before lunch.  I am sure though that there are many people who daytrade from open to close.  Forex traders are the worst offenders.  With multiple sessions to trade, many traders exist on coffee and not much else.  The SST can give you the best of both worlds:  Take advantage of the hot session time frames with day trading AND the ability to top up your account with a longer term perspective.
This video is going to look at the GBPUSD 4 hour trade plan.  I am a big fan of the GBPUSD and this is really my first indepth look at trading this market and timeframe.  Given its history, which you will see in this video, it is certainly worth the time to monitor this plan to see if it fits into my overall trading business.

Watch the GBPUSD perform here

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