Futures Traders Posting Huge Gains with SST Pro; Record Profit Levels

Futures traders continue to hit the ball out of the park in our live trade room with the SST Pro.  After returning from an excellent family vacation, it has been nothing but cha ching a ling ding with our futures trades.

Crude Oil Futures has been the main star with 4 strong winning sessions in a row since my return.

  • Thu 7/19:  +.34 for $340
  • Fri 7/20:  +.82 for $820
  • Mon 7/23: +.76 for $670
  • Tue 7/24; +1.78 for $1,780

That’s $3,610 in just 4 sessions and only 17 trades, practically paying for the SST Pro 2 times over!  I have not yet had time to update the trades that occurred while on vacation but check back again. Once I get my spreadsheet updated I’ll post the results.

The same goes for the Russell, which I suspect has hit all time record profit levels.

  • Thu 7/19: +6.2 for $620
  • Fri 7/20:  +3.9 for $390
  • Mon 7/23: +1.8 for $180
  • Tue 7/24; +3.7 for $370

I suspect we are at all time record profit levels for the Russell 377 tick chart but I won’t know for sure until I update my spreadsheet with the trades that happened while I was away.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know once I get that done.

By the way, our Russell 625 tick chart is also chugging along quite nicely.  Today it is up over +11.5 points, $1,150 so far, with the 2nd part of a profitable trade still trailing.

Wheat Futures also has been strong since I’ve been back, up +19.25 points for $962.50.

Forex has been kicking butt, too.  Not to be outdone, the EURUSD, even in light of its tight range trading of late, is up +107 pips over the last for days during the US morning session.  AUDJPY is also flying high, currently in a winning trade with its trailer picking up more, even as I type this post.  Today, it is up +55 pips and still going.

For a free look at the SST Pro, come take a test drive in our live traderoom.  You’ll find the sign up link at our parent site, www.NetPicks.com.



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