Futures Post Strong Gains Today to Finish the Week

Futures were nothing short of spectacular today with the SST in our Live Traderoom.  The Russell began its new June contract with a bang!  As it wound down its March contract this week, in front of the big Non Farm Payroll and imminent contract rollover, it certainly struggled and we went one step back, Tuesday and Wednesday.  But yesterday and today and began could be the beginnings of a new two steps forward. 

We’ve seen this action in the Russell over the past few years.  Hopefully history will repeat itself and the June contract will be as spectacular as last year’s and 2010’s.  Today we certainly a great start.  The Russell struggled to hit full target on its first two trades, stopping out with partial profits.  The 3rd was the chart though.  It not only hit full target but the trailer delivered another 7 plus points for a +9.7 point trade.  We ended the session up, +12.1.  The best sessions follow the worst and while we still ended down -10 points on the week with two positions, this is nothing new.  Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back.  Over and over again.  The SST is fast to recover.  I suspect before two long, we’ll be breaking to new profit levels again very soon.  Don’t miss the run.

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Crude Oil Futures DID break to new profit levels for us.  We finished today with +.37 today, also finishing with a couple very strong trades.  We are up $8.97 for the year with our basic two position approach with the SST.  That’s $8970 so far with one contract per each position.  CL also had its momentary one step back moments but as is always the case, it came charging back with strong gains and new record profit levels.

Wheat Futures made all new profit levels on Wed.  Took a step back yesterday.  And then marched to new record profit levels again today, gaining + 12.5 points on two trades within 43 minutes of trading.  The reason it took longer than usual is due to the nice runner we rode out on both trades.  Wheat is up +26.5 points, +$1325 on just 9 trades.  We won 7 out of 9 this week.  We’re up +98.5 points on the year.

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Currencies were flat to negative a bit this week, depending on when and how you traded them.  EURUSD had two breakeven trades today.  EJ had a short trade that could have easily been avoided with a key level adjustment at obvious support levels.  Most of the best trades continue to occur during the European hours though on both markets.  Let’s not forget though that EURUSD did make all new profit levels for us this week and is sitting right at its equity highs. 

SST Owners can look forward to some new tradeplans being posted on their Owner’s Club Private site over the next few days. 

It’s still not too late to get on board the SST.  We’re about to take it off the market anytime though, after a very successful launch last week.  Anyone jumping on the SST Train is getting onboard at what should prove to be an excellent time.  As stated, this is the time of year when our equity curves start to zoom to new record levels.  AND, we have thrown in a FREE Advanced Training Bootcamp taking place for all new SST members this March 29th.  New members can attend live in London or from the comfort of their own homes over the internet.  We will be streaming it live and you’ll be able to interact live as well.  This will be a nuts to bolts SST bootcamp style training, which typically sells for $1000 buckaroos.  We’re giving it away free for new SST members making this the best time to get started with the SST. 

I will also be giving two presentations at the Technical Analysis Expo in Paris, March 23 and 24th.  If you ever needed a way to write off a European trip, here’s your big chance.  Paris, then London, and lots of fun to go with it.  Hope to see some of you there.

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