Forex + Futures = Upward Profits (2 Year’s of RESULTS)

As our Seven Summits Trader (SST) 2 Year Anniversary draws near, I thought it would be a great idea to review some of what we have accomplished, trading live in the markets each and every day with the SST.  We’ll look at the Russell eMini, our pioneering market today, and then tomorrow we’ll cover some of our other favorite markets.

The timeline of events with the Russell eMini tells the story though, regardless of what market you trade.  It’s the same pattern across the board.  Winning then and winning now!  Check it out.

  • 4/5/10:  Introduced our new trade system to the traderoom and began calling live practice trades in the Russell eMini.  After a Friday session, we finished the first week up +9.1 points with what soon became, the standard SST two position approach.
  • 4/19/10:  We decided it was time to take our new system OFF of practice mode and to begin officially calling live trades.  Members of the traderoom had already been trading live anyway, throughout the first two weeks of practice.  We ended the month with two strong winning weeks and posted a Net Positive +21.3 points.  We were pretty stoked.
  • 5/10/10:  It wasn’t long until we were posting our first + 50 point milestone profit level.  In fact, we gained a huge +48.7 points the first week of May and had already set our sites on the 100 point milestone.
  • 5/21/10:  In fact we blew it away the very next week, gaining another +34 points for the week.  We had amassed +120 points in our first 7 weeks of trading our new system.  This was huge considering it took us nearly an entire year to hit +150 points in 2009!
  • 6/30/10:  + 200 points!
  • 8/27/11: Dawg Days of Summer ended with us hitting + 253.1 points!
  • 10/1/11: + 300 Points
  • 11/19/11: + 408.8 points (November finished with a +66.5 point net total)
  • 12/30/10:  + 454.7 Points (Finished December with + 31.4 for the month)
  • 2/4/11: + 510.8 points!  We passed the + 500 point level this week, 10 months after going live for the very first time.  (Jan gained + 36.1 points)
  • The rest of 2011 was like a carbon copy of 2010.  On our one year anniversary, we had gained over +500 points.  By the end of 2011, we had amassed a total of +488.7 Points for a grand lifetime total of +947.1 points.
  • 2012 has begun exactly how 2011 ended.  On fire!  As of today, we have already gained +44.6 points.  Today, we hit our all time profit level again, winning 2 out of 3 trades and finishing the session with +2.7 points.  We have a total of +991.7 points and are less than 10 points away from the ever difficult to achieve, + 1000!
  • That’s $100,000 in gross (before cost) profits on the Russell with our standard 2 position SST approach.

That’s just a timeline of what has happened in just one market.  Try to remember what we were going through in the world over the past two years; all the various conflicts and crises, the ever changing and challenging market conditions.  Then relate it to the SST milestones that we achieved each step of the way.

Throughout the last two years, you could see these milestones occurring on our blog.  Just going through the archived posts over the months will have you reliving these exciting times.

Is there any doubt that we will be writing about hitting the + 2000 point level?  You could be on board for the next +1000 Russell eMini Points.

  • We make it easy for you!
  • Great system, proven over the test of time.
  • It worked then, it works now and it will continue working!  Why?
  • The Philosophy is timeless, incorporating all Seven Keys to Successful Trading, built right into the method
  • Great training to go with it, live in the markets every day!  Who else does this?

You just saw the Russell eMini story.  But that’s not all.  We trade other markets too, of course.  Tomorrow, I’ll give you a rundown of some of our other favorite markets; Forex, Crude Oil Futures, Wheat Futures, Stocks, ETFs and Options.

Buyers, sellers, bars on a chart.  The SST puts you on the winning side of the trade and puts you where 90% of the ‘other’ traders wish they could be — Consistently winning and profiting in the markets.

If you want to hear all about the newest, most lucrative developments, make sure you block off some time on Wednesday, February 22nd and get your seat for one of our 2 live release webinars in advance (we’re going to fill up FAST). Here’s where to register:

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2 Responses to Forex + Futures = Upward Profits (2 Year’s of RESULTS)

  1. Ff says:

    Dear Mark,

    Can the SST be installed in the MT4 paltform?

    What is the most profitable timeframe in the MT4 chart?

    What is price or monthly subscription and Live trading room support with live trade calls on the MT4?

    Good trading.

    • CoachTJ says:

      SST works great with MT4. There are a number of excellent tradeplans one can use. We trade two 5 minute charts in the traderoom, eurusd and eurjpy. There are excellent swingtrade plans on the Owner’s Club as well that are MT4 friendly. What’s more, with our plugin, you can also trade range bars and renko bars which opens up a whole new level of possibilities.

      Make sure you register for our upcoming webinar where all the new SST Release Details will be divulged; offer, owner’s club, bonuses, etc.

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