Free Webinar Recording: The Inner Voice of Trading

NetPicks Author Series

Think you’re pretty sharp but, still can’t catch a break trading the markets?

The reason: Trading is just 20% intellectual and a whopping 80% psychological.

To succeed, you’ve got to sync your trading with your emotions and achieve the inner calm and confidence that translates directly into better decisions and ideally higher profits!

In this very special interview, author of ‘The Inner Voice of Trading,’ Michael Martin will teach you how to find your inner voice as a trader, so you can crisply execute your trading strategies WITHOUT hesitation.



Download this day trading webinar by clicking on the links below, so you can take this recording with you anywhere: on you daily commute, running errands, at the gym, on the golf course, or wherever is most convenient:

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In this exclusive day trading interview, we’ll cover…

  • Traders are humans first: How your trades reflect the human propensity to pursue pleasure and avoid pain
  • Choosing strategies you can sustain over time: How to find trading approaches you can tolerate—and consistently execute
  • Letting go – You don’t need to be right all the time: Stop seeking validation from your trades—that’s not what they’re for
  • Reducing your losses through self-discipline and surrender: How emotionally aware traders improve performance by keeping their losses small

Throw in some great case-studies from some of the world’s foremost traders and you’ll discover how integrating reason *and* emotion can make better trades… and make you a better trader.

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