Forex trading with a personal touch

Here is a recap of two of my top pairs to daytrade with the SST in the spot forex market for the trading day of Jan 12/2010.  The EURUSD and the GBPUSD.

As an owner of the SST, you have access to full tradeplans covering many markets including the spot forex.  It is still important though to find your own way and add your own “personality” to the tradeplans.  They are great to start with though!!  Think of them as great recipes but the outcome can be different in the hands of every chef.

With the built in “scale and trail” approach (that is the hallmark of the SST) 149 gross pips (excluding spread costs) were available.  Now, your results may be much better than mine.  I have my own “twist” which will be highlighted in this video.

Sit back….turn up the sound and enjoy trading for Jan 12/2010.  There were some tense moments but in the end…….all cylinders fired just right.

Play the Forex Trading Video here

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