Forex Traders, Stay Tuned.. Exciting Developments In Store for YOU..

Forex Traders will be happy to learn that the Development Team at Netpicks is about to make an announcement that you are not going to want to miss, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, Futures, Stock, ETF and Options Traders have been kicking major “booty” and are off to an amazing start this year, 2011. 

Here are a few updates:

  1. Two (but not the only two) of our flagship futures markets continue to consistently deliver the booty and ring the cash register.
    1. The Russell eMini has made all new profit levels almost every session this year.  We already know that 2010 ended spectacularly with record breaking profit levels.  But since the 1st trade session of 2011, the Russell emini has already returned 21 net points AND a 73.8% winning percentage and of course, new record profit levels continue as stated.  We ended this last week with a respectable gain of 9 more points.
    2. Our new ‘Get Back on Board (GetBob)’ trade continues to impress as it proceeds with its nearly perfect betting avg.  Have we even had a losing trade yet with this unusually powerful setup?  I don’t think so.  Anyway, as a result of adding it to our daily, ongoing tradeplans, it has bumped up the overall winning percentage significantly.  SST Owner’s Club members have really benefitted from learning this new addition to the SST. 
    3. Crude Oil Futures have also been amazing.  Despite a real tough session Friday the 14th (which was a tick away on a couple trades, trades that would have changed the entire outcome of the session and week), the tradeplan we are following still has managed to deliver us +4.23  of profits for $4,230 in the first few weeks of trading, sending our equity curve up to new record breaking profit levels.  It’s a real testimony to how quickly the SST recovers and why it is so important to live on a higher elevation with our sights on our ever growing forest, despite the trees that fall from time to time.  It’s the edge that we get in the markets that makes us our money.  Don’t ever forget that critical fact or you could fall prey to trying to fix something that just ain’t broken.
  2. Our stock trades have also been on fire and trading options against the stock setups have really delivered some handsome gains.
    1. QQQQ gave us a great GetBob trade that exceeded its targets.  It has since flipped over, getting short on a reversal which stopped out at breakeven.  Again though, thanks to GetBob, we are short once again and about ready to add to our position with an add-on basic trade as taught to our SST member’s club. 
    2. The long ADSK trade I pointed out last week, unfortunately stopped and reversed for a partial loss.  The reversal trade has been under a bit of pressure too, but the risk has been reduced as per our dynamic stop mgt SST tradeplan and we’ll see how this one shapes up.  The system is short from 41.34 and we are trading Feb 42 puts.
    3. AMZN got short at 185.98 and hit its full target at 180.29.  It is still trailing and in fact, we have added to our short position at 181.06 with our add-on trade.  We’re holding Feb puts at or around those trade entry strike prices.
    4. GOOG just got short at 618.86 and also has an add-on opportunity at 805.95. 
    5. AAPL got short at 331.98
    6. SLV got short at 27.68 and has exceeded its 2nd fixed target at 26.69.  We’re still trailing.
    7. VXX got long at 33.05
    8. JPM got long at 45.27

There are so many great trades on any given market it is impossible to share them all here.  SST Owner’s Club Members benefit greatly with access to all the tradeplans published on the OC Website with new ones coming out all the time.

I didn’t even mention any of our Forex trades, not because there aren’t any or because they haven’t been doing just as well — we do have many and they are doing great!  I just wanted to point out that there are huge opportunities in many ‘non-forex‘ markets too and as we approach the big forex announcement, let this post remind everyone that it is never a bad idea to keep an open mind and to consider how you can diversify your ‘trade portfolio’ to include futures, stocks, options, daytrades, swingtrades and longer term position trades.  The SST makes it all available and continues to bring us mouth watering, juicy, delicious profits on all fronts. 

SST forex, futures, stock and options traders are all looking forward to another great week.

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