Forex Provides Some of the Best Trade Opportunites and Can Take Advantage of SST’s Most Powerful Features Better Than Other Markets

Forex traders, we have not forgotten you. You might say we’ve been saving the best for last but the truth is, there have been so many great markets that there really is no best. Forex does offer up some compelling aspects though that are hard to achieve with futures…

For one thing, if you have chosen your broker well, we are able to control the our position sizing with much greater flexibility and we can really take advantage of some of the most powerful features and tools that the SST brings to the table. We can peel off more than one fixed target objective and we can incorporate more than one trailing stop strategy. Some trailers are good for getting a quick pop, or spike move, while others will keep us in longer for an even bigger move. We can scale in more positions easier too while keeping a close eye on our overall risk exposure.

Forex, and to some degree, stock trading, gives us that to a much larger degree than futures. Here’s a look at an interesting timeframe that does quite well on stocks and forex. It’s by no means the only good timeframe. It’s intended to get you thinking and to get you to look at other timeframes that you probably haven’t thought of. We’re going to see what happened on the EURUSD these past couple sessions and then we’ll finish up looking at the Euro Currency Futures market for a completely different look and feel. Enjoy the profits!

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