Forex Gains +89 pips Today; SST Live Demo Posts Winners Across the Board Today

We’re off to another great start this week, gaining +89 pips today with our dynamic Forex duo, EURUSD and EURJPY.  But, we’re also up across the board with our other markets, too.  Over the past two days, we’ve gained profits using our tight and concise SST style of trading combined with our tried and true tradeplans.  Here’s a quick rundown of what happened these past two sessions:

EURUSD: Yesterday we won two out of three but the trades were small and the end result was breakeven.  In fact, by my math, we lost 2 pips on the session.  Today, we won 2 out of two posting +60 pips.  We have gained +802 pips since evolving into a LIVE Traderoom Signal Service, July 29th

EURJPY:  Yesterday we lost 46 pips.  We were only able to win 1 out of 5 trades, losing three and breaking even on 1.  Today we gained +26 pips, winning 2 out of 3.  We are up +256 pips since July 29th.  This has been a long term winnnig market and tradeplan for us but it is competing with some heavy hitters and is our least successful market to date.  While I anticipate it will continue to successfully produce for us, I may replace this market for something with a bit more juice in the battery pack.  Stay tuned.. 

Crude Oil Futures:  Yesterday we gained .19.  Today, it appeared we had traded to a positive result in the traderoom but after running the numbers, it appears we ended down, -.03.  SST Members were able to keep trading the Owner’s Club tradeplan and would have traded to a big profitable result as more winners followed our live session.  That is one of the biggest advantages to owning the SST.  I can give you a fish, or I can teach you how to fish.  The traderoom results are up +9.90 ($9900) since July 29th.

Russell eMini:  Yesterday, I missed calling a fast moving winning trade as I was attending to other charts and trades.  SST Owners CAUGHT the trade.  The 2nd trade only gained 1 tick but from a system point of view, we hit our goals and quit for the session.  So, while SST Onwers earned +4.5, Signal Service Members had to be content with a +.2 result, basically, breakeven.  I don’t make mistakes too often but every now and then it is bound to happen.  My Marty Feldman eyes locked onto the trade 2 or 3 ticks too late.  Today though, won 2 out of 3 and the opposite occurred.  I called the first trade on time but even so, it happened so fast that most traders missed it.   That trade was a loser and pretty much made up for yesterday’s missed winner.  I still counted the loss though.  We then won the next two and ended up positive again, up + 4.8 points.  We are sitting right at our all time profit levels with + 330.7 points for the year.  Since becoming a live signal service, July 29th, we are up +57.2 points!

Wheat Futures:  We continue with our winning ways!  Yesterday we went 2 for 2, posting + 3.75 points.  Today, we also won 2 out of 2, gaining another +6 points.  We are up + 108.25 points since July 29th and have only endured 1 losing session when we lost -.25, or, 1 tick.  Today we ended on top in just 7 minutes of trading.  While you can easily see that all our markets are pretty much kicking major butt, this one has to be consisered our most successful today, often finishing in 10 minutes or less.  We have won 39 out of 45 trades!

Extra Value:  Lots of great stock, etf and option swing trades.  I am not officially tracking them at this point.  To learn more, feel free to pop on in for a free two week trial where you can kick the tires, ask all questions, learn about our swingtrading, daytrading, SST, NetPicks, etc., etc.  Our philosophy is to not just give you the fish.  We want to teach you how to fish.  Trade with us but also LEARN how to trade — forex, futures, stocks, options — successfully!

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