Forex, Futures; Winning Trades Across the Board..

It’s the week before Christmas and both forex and futures markets are slow.  But the SST has guided us every step of the way, with winner after winner after winner..  We have seen this from the beginning and hopefully by now, everyone is getting the picture.  The SST is for real!  When you review the below charts, all from yesterday, Monday the 20th, keep in mind that all the trades are not just randomly chosen winners (and conveniently forgotten losers).  That is NOT the case.  The below trades are the trades that were taken as a result of what our published tradeplans say we need to take.  The tradeplans can all be found on our SST Owner’s Club website.

You will also notice a new exciting trade setup that was recently taught to our membership.  We are incorporating these trades into our daily routine with excellent results.  We call it the ‘get back on board trade’ or, ‘get b.o.b.’ for short.  With the type of winning percentage this setip is getting across all markets, we had to work it in to all our forex and futures charts (and stock charts, as well). 

GBPUSD + 30 pips

EURJPY + 39 pips

EURUSD+ 11 pips

Euro Currency Futures (completely paid for SST in this one session) + 103 points; $1,287!!

Wheat Futures + 6.75 =  + $325

Russell eMini (yesterday) + 6.2 = + $620 & New All Time Profit Levels

Russell eMini (today) + 3.5 = + $350 & New All Record Profit Levels Again..

Crude Oil Futures (yesterday; paid for SST in this one session) +1.27 = +$1,270

Crude Oil Futures (today) + .37 = + $370

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