Forex, Futures Traders Hitting the Ball Outta the Park with SST

Forex and Futures trading keeps chugging along, hitting on all fronts, winning in market after market with the SST.  New SST Owners should be thrilled!!  It is still not too late to pick up your copy of the SST before it is taken off the market.  Like this, we can control how many are out there and also assure complete customer service and training to our newest members.  Don’t delay though.  This is going to be a banner year, which of course, is evidenced by our ongoing winning ways.

Today, a day when Bernanke had to ‘tell all’ before Congress, the trading was nothing short of spectacular.  Here’s how we did in the traderoom.

TF:  + 3.5 points; $350

CL: + .61; $610

Wheat: + 11 Points; $550

EURUSD:  + 113 Pips (we hit all time profit levels today on EURUSD.  This has been a patient trade plan for us so far this year.  The patience is now paying off as we are at our highest profit levels since August, 2011, during the US session.  The Euro session has been on fire all year, too.)

EURJPY:  Modest Gains, but positive none the less.  + 9 pips

Many other markets are hitting targets on various timeframes; forex, stocks, futures, etfs, etc.

Another notable trade we talked about in the traderoom today is the USDCAD.  Currently in a short end of day swingtrade.  The same tradeplan applied to the hourly chart just hit a big full target this morning for +60 pips.

See USDCAD Trade on MT4 Chart

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