Forex, Futures, Stocks.. All Trading Profitable Despite Bernanke Day

Bernanke always throws a fly in the ointment when he is testifying before congress but today, our forex, futures, stocks and options trades were all profitable, and not just a little!  Here are some screen shots of the markets we follow and trade live every day in our live owner’s club trade room.  They represent all of what we do on numerous markets; tight and concise tradeplans, quitting positive while taking what the market wants to give us, discipline, consistency and awesome SST trade setups.  THAT is a WINNING combination and our ongoing live results continue to bare that out.

EURUSD 5 Minute Chart; 2 trades, 2 winners for + 70 pips after spread.

EURUSD 5 Minute MT4 Chart; Same trade as above but a screenshot of what it looks like with FXDD using MT4.  Of course MT4 is not as pretty as Tradestation but for a free platform it is quite effective.  Same trades, same outcome..

GBPUSD 233 Tick Chart; 2 trades, 2 winners for + 169 pips after spread!

EURJPY 233 Tick; 1 Trade, 1 winner for + 47 pips after spread.

Crude Oil Futures; We traded a very specific Inventory Release Day Tradeplan today.  2 Trades, 2 winners for + .60, $ 600

Russell eMini; 3 Trades, 2 winners and 1 loss for + 5 points, $500 AND all new record profit levels since live SST trading, April 5th, 2010!!

Here are some live Stock and ETF Swing Trades that we are currently holding option positions on.  These are just a few typical samples out of many great stock and ETF swing trades.

VXX; (iPath S&P VIX Short-Term)

SLV; Silver iShares


AAPL; Trade still active; took partial positions off already with a 43% and 98% gain with well selected call options.

AMZN; Trade still active; partial positions taken off already with gains of 38% and 148%.  Also scaled in more positions yesterday which are up over 70% already!

ADSK; Got short today.  Here’s a look at the Setup and Trade Profile

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